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Till Dawn Tames the Night (Unabridged)

Meagan McKinney

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ISBN: 9781520038049

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Till Dawn Tames the Night (Unabridged) - краткое содержание

The London docks in 1818 are no place for a woman. But Aurora Dayne is about to embark on a new life. With her modest belongings and a unique bejeweled locket – her sole legacy from her dead father – she boards a ship bound for Jamaica. All hell breaks loose when pirates storm the gangplank, and the sheltered orphan becomes the prisoner of a ruthless privateer named Vashon. The towering, black-caped stranger arouses Aurora's fear, and her irresistible desire. Haunted by his past, Vashon lives outside the law and is driven by one purpose: to retrieve the Star of Aran, a fabled gem cursed by its own dark history. Beautiful Aurora is the key to Vashon's quest.