Offshore gas pipeline

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Constructing Mammoth Underwater Gas Pipeline | Building The Biggest | Spark


Building the longest underwater pipeline is no mean feat, but these engineers pulled it off. Take an exclusive look under the ocean and discover the trials and tribulations of the Langeled pipeline. Before the completion of the Nord Stream pipeline, it was the longest subsea pipeline in the world. It's construction like you've never seen it before! Building the Biggest is an innovative six-part series capturing the most ambitious building projects shaping our world today. From pipelines and diamond mines to the International Space Station and the Singapore subway system, you meet with the masters of construction who make the seemingly impossible a practical reality. Subscribe to Spark for more amazing science, tech & engineering videos: 🤍 🚀 Find us on: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Content licensed from North One to Little Dot Studios. Any queries, please contact us at: owned-enquiries🤍 #Spark

Construction Process Of One Of The Largest Oil And Gas Pipelines In The World.


Recently we have witnessed the incredible volatility of world oil and gas prices. Consumers' money bags are like being stolen by someone, gradually decreasing. What has affected oil and gas prices so unusually? There are many reasons for that, but one primary reason is the availability of oil or gas at the site and at the time of consumption. And that's determined by oil and gas pipelines, oil and gas pipelines that make oil and gas flow on a regular, stable basis at a low cost. However, the investment cost of oil and gas pipelines is often very large and takes a long time to deploy. To learn more about the construction of oil and gas pipelines, in this video X-Machines will take you to visit one of Australia's largest pipeline construction projects. - X-Machines Channel Website: 🤍 Fanpage: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 We would like to support all companies or people to promote their products, service, or company. If you need our support, don't hesitate to contact us via email wowtv2050🤍 If you are a copyright video owner and don't want us to use it in this video, please contact us via email wowtv2050🤍 We make sure to remove your video immediately. Thanks for your co-operation. - Disclaimer: X-Machines is not affiliated with the businesses whose products are shown in this review. Any trademarks depicted are the property of their respective owners. - ⚠️ Copyright Disclaimers • We use images and content by the YouTube Fair Use copyright guidelines • Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act states: “Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.” • This video could contain certain copyrighted video clips, pictures, or photographs that were not specifically authorized to be used by the copyright holder(s), but which we believe in good faith are protected by federal law and the fair use doctrine for one or more of the reasons noted above.

Offshore Gas Pipeline Repair Process


Repairing a live pipeline in Jakarta-Indonesia by DCN.

Inside The World's Longest Underwater Pipeline That Transports Gas | Megastructures | Spark


By two thousand and eight, Norway will be connected to the United Kingdom via a 1200 km super pipeline—the longest subsea pipeline in the world. But this connection is only a part of an enormous plan to tap into Norway’s second largest gas deposit, capable of providing 20% of the UK’s gas needs for decades to come. Located 3 km below the ocean’s surface, and 120 km offshore, the deposit is beyond the reach of humans and all of the construction has to be completed by robots working against strong underwater currents, sub-zero temperatures and extreme wind and wave conditions. When tapped, the gas will be transported to one of the largest automated gas processing plants to prepare it for shipment to the U.K. Each phase will put ingenuity and engineering to the ultimate test. Subscribe to Spark for more amazing science, tech & engineering videos: 🤍 🚀 Find us on: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Content licensed from Off The Fence to Little Dot Studios. Any queries, please contact us at: owned-enquiries🤍 #Documentary #Megastructures #Engineering

The start of offshore construction of the TurkStream pipeline in Russia by Pioneering Spirit


The start of offshore construction of the TurkStream Offshore Pipeline in Russia: Longest pipeline in Allseas’ history (to date) First time 32-inch pipe installed in 2200 water depth Transportation and installation of client-provided double-joints First time above water tie-ins executed by DP pipelay vessel 259 double joints requiring 518 welds, resulting in project-best 6.3 km pipe laid in 24 hours on 26 August 2018

Offshore Pipeline Installation | detailed installation process | live offshore project


Offshore Pipeline Installation | detailed installation process | live offshore project #offshore #pipeline #installation #yogp #yogpnetwork #youngoilandgasprofessionals

Israel says energy company will test pipeline from offshore gas field


Israel media says an energy company will test the pipeline from an offshore gas field. Israel’s move comes after it rejected Lebanon’s proposed changes to gas deal. The US drafted a proposal on resolving the dispute between the two nations. Draft agreement floated by US aims to settle competing claims over offshore gas fields. Israel and Lebanon have no diplomatic relations and their land border is patrolled by UN. Subscribe to our channel: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Find us on Facebook: 🤍 Check our website: 🤍 Check out our Instagram page: 🤍 #aljazeeraenglish #BreakingNews #AlJazeeraLive #Russia #UkraineWar #VladimirPutin #aljazeeraenglish #afghanistan #newsfeed #news #aljazera #latestnews #latestwhatsappstatus #ukrainewar #ukrainerussiawar #israel #palestine #lebanon #gas #energy #dispute #asia

What's inside An Oil Pipeline?


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TurkStream gas pipeline’s offshore section completed


On November 19, the Pioneering Spirit pipelaying vessel completed the construction of the offshore section of the TurkStream gas pipeline in the Black Sea. Twitter: 🤍 Website: 🤍

Offshore natural gas pipeline project completed in Macao


For more: 🤍 Construction of the Taipa-Macao Peninsula offshore natural gas pipeline, the longest and most difficult offshore directional drilling project in China's Macao Special Administrative Region, was successfully completed on Monday. It is expected to begin delivering natural gas from Taipa to the Macao Peninsula in mid-2022. Subscribe to us on YouTube: 🤍 Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): 🤍 Download our APP on Google Play (Android): 🤍

The Engineering Behind Russia's Deadlocked Pipeline: Nord Stream 2


Nord Stream 2 is possibly the world's most controversial infrastructure project, and it was thrust further into the spotlight when Russia invaded Ukraine earlier in 2022. The future of this monumental feat of engineering and maritime construction is unclear. Right now, it seems doubtful that the Nord Stream 2 will ever be anything more than an empty tube of steel and concrete at the bottom of the Baltic Sea (and maybe that’s for the best). Watch this video and the entire Practical Engineering catalog ad-free on Nebula: 🤍 Practical Engineering is a YouTube channel about infrastructure and the human-made world around us. It is hosted, written, and produced by Grady Hillhouse. We have new videos posted regularly, so please subscribe for updates. If you enjoyed the video, hit that ‘like’ button, give us a comment, or watch another of our videos! CONNECT WITH ME Website: 🤍ering Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Reddit: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 SPONSORSHIP INQUIRIES Please email my agent at practicalengineering🤍 DISCLAIMER This is not engineering advice. Everything here is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Contact an engineer licensed to practice in your area if you need professional advice or services. All non-licensed clips used for fair use commentary, criticism, and educational purposes. SPECIAL THANKS Stock video and imagery provided by Nord Stream 2, Getty Images, Shutterstock, and Videoblocks. Music by Epidemic Sound: 🤍 Tonic and Energy by Elexive is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License Source: 🤍 Producer/Writer/Host: Grady Hillhouse Editor/Production Assistant: Wesley Crump Script Editor: Ralph Crewe Graphics: Standard Studios

Video shows fire in Gulf of Mexico after gas pipeline rupture | ABC7


Mexico's state-owned oil company said Friday it suffered a rupture in an undersea gas pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico, sending flames boiling to the surface in the Gulf waters. Full story: 🤍

GSP Offshore Gas Pipeline Project For Gazprom part 1/2


GRUP SERVICII PETROLIERE - GSP Offshore Gas Pipeline Project For Gazprom

How Offshore Oil Rigs Work


Get a free audiobook plus unlimited Audible originals for free by signing up at 🤍 or by texting “wendover” to 500-500 Listen to Extremities at 🤍 Buy a Wendover Productions t-shirt: 🤍 Subscribe to Half as Interesting (The other channel from Wendover Productions): 🤍 Youtube: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Sponsorship Enquiries: wendover🤍 Other emails: sam🤍 Reddit: 🤍 Animation by Josh Sherrington Sound by Graham Haerther (🤍) Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster Music by 🤍 Select footage courtesy the AP Archive References: [1] 🤍 [2] 🤍 [3] 🤍 [4] 🤍 [5] 🤍 [6] 🤍

Timelapse: Constructing the Offshore Main Gas Pipeline at the LNG Terminal in Paldiski (Estonia)


Watch history in the making! 🎥 Check out this timelapse video that shows the entire process of the offshore main gas pipeline project for the LNG Terminal in Paldiski, Estonia. Our team at MT Group was responsible for installing an 800m long offshore gas pipeline and ensuring its smooth operation. Four months of hard work, 24/7, condensed into just seconds! The project was completed on schedule, within the tight 14-week deadline, and to the highest standards. Building a complex pipeline like this required some serious hard-to-get equipment, including port dredging vessels, tugboats, pontoons, cranes, even an ice breaker. Even tough weather conditions tried to slow us down, but our team was able to overcome every challenge with professionalism and determination. The completed underwater main gas pipeline has connected the Paldiski LNG terminal to the national gas grid, making a huge impact on Estonia's energy independence and leaving our team feeling proud. We're grateful to our client Elering for their trust and great collaboration during the project. And of course, a big shout-out to our talented team for their outstanding work! 💪

GSP Offshore Gas Pipeline Project For Gazprom part 2/2


GRUP SERVICII PETROLIERE - GSP Offshore Gas Pipeline Project For Gazprom

Lowering Subsea Cables & Pipelines | How it works


🤍 3D animation that shows how subsea cables and pipelines are lowered by Acta Marine - the experts when it comes to remedial lowering of subsea cables and pipelines. 3D animation done by Studio Lex - High Impact visuals for tenders & 3D infographics

Life & work in Extreme Conditions: This is Why Offshore Oil Rig Workers Earn So much Money


Discovering the Highest Paying Jobs on Oil Rig Offshore: Don't Miss this Video - 🤍 Offshore oil rigs, floating cities in the middle of the ocean, never sleeping cities towering above passing ships, working silently 24 hours non-stop for 7 days, carrying out their tasks far away from the nearest shore. Billions of barrels of oil and gas are produced in these oil refineries and gas wells to meet the energy demands of the world's population. The oil industry is the center of the world's economy, and even a slight change in crude oil prices can have a significant impact on all countries. But have you ever wondered about the lifestyle and daily routine of the people who live and work on offshore oil rigs? While you may have heard that life on these amazing floating platforms is fascinating, there are several things you might not know. First of all, it's important to note that life on an oil rig is not luxurious. In fact, it's a place where people's lives are at stake every day they work. Although this may sound a bit exaggerated, the truth is that life and work on offshore oil rigs are both extremely challenging and unsafe. Let's take a look at the extreme daily routine of a worker on an offshore oil rig, This is Why Offshore Oil Rig Workers Earn So much Money #oilrig #oilrigoffshore #offshore Nauctis is the ultimate hub for maritime, technology, transportation, and military enthusiasts. We release new videos every day on our YouTube channel, Don't miss out on any of our updates - subscribe to our channel and Follow our Social Media to explore additional content. We request you to maintain a respectful and constructive tone in the comments section. Any spam, insults, or trolling will not be tolerated and will be promptly deleted. Join us on our journey to discover the wonders of the sea, Technology, Transportation and Military! For Questions, Projects, Collaborations, Sponsorship, Advertisers or Anything, Contact me to: NauctisYT🤍

Offshore, Pipe Laying


Submerged pipelines can be constructed on pipelaying vessels by stovepipe welding of pipe sections stored on the deck or by the reel method by which the pipeline produced onshore is wound onto reels beforehand. Winding onto the reel is possible for up to 90 kilometers of 100 to 400 millimeters diameter pipes. During pipeline laying the reel constantly rotates and the pipe is laid down to a 300 meter depth at a speed of up to 4 kilometers per hour. During lowering of the pipeline prepared on a deck a special device (a stinger) supports it to prevent from major bends when moving it from the vessel. The maintenance of all pipelaying vessel systems and welding equipment is performed by a computer (sea depth, wave and wind speeds are taken into account; pipelaying vessel stability is ensured). As a rule, several vessels participate in the process of pipe laying. Special barges continuously supply pipes to a pipelaying vessel, which is preceded by a vessel monitoring the seabed. The supplied pipes are unloaded on storage sites located directly on the deck of the pipelaying vessel. They should have a stock of pipes for 12 hours of work. Special conveyor is installed on the pipelaying vessel, which receives pipes that are welded here as well. Each welded joint is then ultrasonically tested for defects. Anticorrosion coating is applied to all joints after welding. Welded pipes are moving over the conveyor towards the aft. Stinger, a special boom, immersed in the water at an angle, over which the pipes are gradually lowered onto the seabed, is located here. It defines the required deflection of the top part of the gas pipeline, which prevents metal deformation. There are three main ways that subsea pipe is laid S-lay, J-lay and tow-in and the pipelay vessel is integral to the success of the installation. Buoyancy affects the pipelay process, both in positive and negative ways. In the water, the pipe weighs less if it is filled with air, which puts less stress on the pipelay barge. But once in place on the sea bed, the pipe requires a downward force to remain in place. This can be provided by the weight of the oil passing through the pipeline, but gas does not weigh enough to keep the pipe from drifting across the seafloor. In shallow-water scenarios, concrete is poured over the pipe to keep it in place, while in deepwater situations, the amount of insulation and the thickness required to ward of hydrostatic pressure is usually enough to keep the line in place.

PECAT - Pipeline Cleanliness Assessment


PECAT™ is a pigging based inspection tool developed by Pipeline Engineering primarily to measure how clean a pipeline is, particularly prior to high resolution inline inspection and the decommissioning of pipelines. Using state of the art unique sensor and data logging technology, in one pigging run, the PECAT™ tool can measure location and quantity of debris in the pipeline, as well as record the other parameters, such as ovality (caliper), temperature and differential pressure. While the PECAT™ pipeline cleanliness assessment tool is normally used prior to high resolution inline inspection and the decommissioning of pipelines; it can also be used as part of ongoing pigging campaigns in operational pipelines to ensure deposit buildup in the pipeline is kept under control.

Preview clip: Israel develops offshore natural gas reserves


Premiering 9/7 on NewsHour Weekend: Israel's recent discovery of huge offshore natural gas reserves could mean a profound transformation for Israel's economy and for the region's political stability. Long-time NBC Tel Aviv bureau chief Martin Fletcher reports from the field.

Offshore Oil & Gas 3D Animation - Subsea Pipeline Maintenance


3D animation for Sea Trucks Group Jascon 35 vessel 🤍 demonstrating the vessel and the operation of maintaining and repairing a subsea pipeline. Please Feel free to visit our website: 🤍 or get in touch for any help with your 3D animation and rendering projects info🤍 Crew: Tareq Mukhal : 3D Modeling of Vessel/ Lighting / Compositing Ahmed Al Asl: Camera Layouts/Water Simulation/Ship Crew Character Modeling Tamer Al-Aghbar: Motion Graphics Ali Ismail: Art Direction/ 3D Modeling of ROV/ Compositing 3D Vessel was modeled from Autocad blueprints. Software: 3ds max/VRay/Phoenix FD

Oil and Gas 101: Offshore Drilling at Woodside


Woodside has been drilling offshore wells in Australia and across the globe for over 60 years. We are committed to drilling our wells in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Gas pipeline fire boils underwater in the Gulf of Mexico | USA TODAY


It took about 5 hours to bring the fire under control and no injuries were reported. RELATED: US Navy tests aircraft carrier with massive explosion 🤍 Mexico’s state-owned oil company said a fire caused by a rupture in an undersea gas pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico is over, but videos showing efforts to put out what appears to be an underwater caldron of fire live on. The "fire in the sea" was put out at 10:45 a.m. following a gas leak about 500 feet from a drilling platform, Pemex tweeted. No injuries were reported and the company said it took about 5 hours to bring the incident under control. The company said it used boats to pump water over the underwater blaze, although nitrogen was also used to control the fire, Reuters reports, citing a Pemex incident report. » Subscribe to USA TODAY: 🤍 » Watch more on this and other topics from USA TODAY: 🤍 » USA TODAY delivers current local and national news, sports, entertainment, finance, technology, and more through award-winning journalism, photos, videos and VR. #GulfofMexico #pipelinefire #pipelines

Offshore In-line Inspection - InVista™ Subsea


Effective integrity management of subsea pipelines has been especially challenging due to the difficulty of pipeline access, safety and other considerations. InVista Subsea, an advanced ultrasonic ILI tool from Quest Integrity, provides a solution for these challenging and difficult pipelines.

Offshore Pipeline Pre-commissioning Concept


This concept is planned to be applied for an avtur pipeline project located in Tanjung Pasir

Russian activity near Norway’s oil and gas pipelines being monitored by NATO


Exclusive video from the Norwegian Air Force shows what it says is a Russian nuclear submarine’s periscope peeking above the water right over Norway’s oil and gas pipelines located in the North Sea. NBC News’ Tom Costello is onboard with a NATO patrol reporting on Russian warships and fighters passing through sensitive waters. » Subscribe to NBC News: 🤍 » Watch more NBC video: 🤍 NBC News Digital is a collection of innovative and powerful news brands that deliver compelling, diverse and engaging news stories. NBC News Digital features,,, Nightly News, Meet the Press, Dateline, and the existing apps and digital extensions of these respective properties. We deliver the best in breaking news, live video coverage, original journalism and segments from your favorite NBC News Shows. Connect with NBC News Online! NBC News App: 🤍 Breaking News Alerts: 🤍 Visit NBCNews.Com: 🤍 Find NBC News on Facebook: 🤍 Follow NBC News on Twitter: 🤍 Get more of NBC News delivered to your inbox: #Russia #NATO #Oil

Offshore Pipe Inspection | NDT with Reach Bravo


Lightweight, dexterous, versatile - Reach Bravo manipulators enable complex, remote inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT) with a lower logistics footprint for the Offshore Energy sector. Affix custom measurement tools, probes, sensors and cameras for close visual inspection (CVI) and asset integrity maintenance. This video simulates a CP pipe scan operation common to inspection and maintenance in Offshore Energy. Learn more about our manipulator solutions for Offshore Energy: 🤍 Find out more here: 🤍 For more information, please get in touch with our Sales Team: sales🤍 ➞ Never miss a beat - follow us on LinkedIn to see what we’re up to! 🤍 . ➞ Stay in the Reach Robotics Loop! Subscribe to our Newsletter: 🤍 ➞ Keep up with our latest videos - Subscribe to our YouTube channel! 🤍 ➞Learn more about what we do at

The Most Dangerous Job EVER: Underwater Welding


Who do you call when an oil platform, underwater pipeline, a dam, or even ship need repair? Underwater welders of course. Find out more information at 🤍 To get the latest science and technology news, subscribe to our newsletter “The Blueprint” at 🤍 #engineering

🆕Offshore — Subsea Work — How to Apply GSPU Thermal Insulation on SUBSEA Pipeline


Discover more about offshore, check out: 🤍 The video is about Thermal Insulation Coating applied to offshore and/or subsea pipelines and piping. -Subsea Insulation -Offshore Pipe Insulation -Offshore work Offshore or Subsea piping and equipment use closed-cell waterproof insulation and the GSPU is one of the solutions to meet this requirement. Another option for Offshore or subsea insulation is Novolastic which is white in color Our channel has various other similar video clips regarding subsea, offshore platform, and offshore work, please check them out: 🤍 Has this video answered all of your questions about offshore or subsea insulation? Individuals who searched for subsea likewise searched for offshore platforms pipe insulation. The thermal insulation coatings are mainly used to resist the temperature of the underwater pipeline and the equipment. These thermal insulation coatings contain hollow glass microspheres (HGMS) which improve the resistance to heat flow and resistance to extreme crushing forces found at subsea water depths. The GSPU or Glass Syntactic Polyuretnae is one of the thermal insulation coatings popular to use underwater production systems. Apart from the other basic insulation properties, the GSPU resists chemical breakdown in hot and wet service conditions which are typically found under subsea environments,. You can learn more about thermal insulation by clicking the link below; 👉 🤍 If you wish to start your career working in the QUALITY CONTROL field for the thermal insulation projects, the below courses are for you; Online Course 👉 🤍 Classroom-Based Course 👉 🤍 You can also watch more informative videos about Quality Control by Clicking the Link Below; 👉🤍

Pig Launcher & Receiver System in Offshore Oil & Gas Sector


Pig Launcher & Receiver system is common in both Onshore as well as offshore Facilities. However they are more crucial in offshore, where the entire pipeline is submerged on sea bed several meters below water column. The function of this system is primarily Cleaning & secondly also for Inspection of pipeline for any wear and tear. The inspection provides basic inputs to predict the section of length of pipe where maximum erosion has taken place. This way we can identify the right position of wear and tear. In the next video we will see how the pigging process is used for inspection of pipe lines. To know more about the offshore segment. Do read my book. "Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Industry for beginner's". You can directly get the copy of book online by clicking the link. 🤍

Steel Reinforced RTP TCP Process for Oil and Gas Pipe offshore pipe


Innovation solution on #highpressure flexiblepipe for #oilandgas customers. Using new reinforced material and innovated process to give you a new choice of the #rtppipe for #offshore and #onshore reinforced pipe. Goldstone Orient is constantly developing #rtp and #tcp #composite pipes technology, to challenge the difficult applications in oil and gas.

Natural Gas 101


Natural Gas is a flammable gas, consisting mainly of methane (CH4), occurring in underground reservoirs often with oil. Learn more about natural gas and all types of energy at 🤍 Student Energy is currently developing the Global Youth Energy Outlook, a global youth-led report that will engage 50,000 young people around the world in 2021 to gather their perspectives on energy. Want to take part? If you’re between 18-30, head to 🤍 to complete the survey! You can win $100 cash prizes in each region, or a fully funded trip to the next International Student Energy Summit! Student Energy is a global youth-led organization empowering the next generation of leaders who are accelerating the transition to a sustainable, equitable energy future. We work with a network of 50,000 young people from over 120 countries to build the knowledge, skills, and networks they need to take action on energy. Learn more at 🤍

Just Hanging Out Welding! Offshore Rope Access Welding🧵👨‍🏭 #shorts


You thought your welding job was hard? In this #short and sweet video we have Chris Martin doing some rope access welding offshore. #Shorts #WeldTube #WeldLife #Welding -WeldTube Store- 🤍 -WeldTube Social Media- Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍

Oil and Gas Offshore Project Planning and Execution | Planning and Control


Oil and gas Sector Offer Variety of Career job opportunities for Engineers.In this video you are going to Learn about Project Planning and execution on field about following things Offshore Project Fabrication Offshore Project installation offshore projects commissioning offshore projects working environment Oil and gas sector Working and Mechanical structure installations Offshore barge and Floating Rigs Oil and gas sector engineering planning jobs Oil and gas sector High salary jobs and skills Planning engineering Skills for oil and gas sector

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